Effortless is

Enterprise Level Application Development

  • Data lifecycle management at scale.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Process embedded compliance.
  • Streamline location independent integration.

Global Scale Integration

  • Supply chain management.
  • Distributed documentation management.
  • Multiple channel communication.

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    • Full Stack

      Understanding the operation of all layers in the application stack allow for a quick turnaround delivering stable, performant applications.

    • Agile Development

      Iterative process ensures responsiveness to ongoing project specification improvements, enabling rapid response to changing market conditions.

    • Secure by Default

      Incorporating security best practices from the start ensures integrity for the entire project lifecycle.

    • Experience

      Over 20 years of experience operating at enterprise scale means thinking big is everyday.

    About Me


    Benjamin Smith

    Software Prodigy

    I get to create world-changing technologies and advance the human condition.

    Global Scale Application Development


    1. What do you mean by "full stack" in the context of web development?

    Due to my years of experience working from low level hardware to end user requirements assessments, "full stack" as a term embraces an understanding of the entire system from "bare metal" hardware and Operating System management, through the database and application development, all the way out to customer requirements and satisfaction.

    2. What is the most important part of a software project?

    It's very easy to get lost in technical details, particularly when developing an application at scale. Using an agile, iterative development cycle allows me to keep my focus on what's really important - meeting the needs of the end users in a secure, simple, and understandable way.

    3. Why did you choose software engineering?

    Software engineering allows me to take an idea from concept to production and global use faster than virtually any other industry. What better, more powerful tool is there for making this world a better place?