Everything Aviation Online

Benjamin Smith, Managing Partner

This is a project we did long ago of which I am quite proud. (The website exists today but looks to have been rewritten at some point in the last 20+ years)

Aircraft Marketplace is a venue for listing, buying, selling, and negotiating the sale of aircraft.

The goal was to provide information on every aircraft for sale, anywhere in the world. Further, we aimed to provide information about listing and sales history, something like a Google and the Wayback Machine for aircraft for sale.

Managing Partner Team

Starting in the year 2000, we worked remotely on the project together, full time for 2 years without ever having met owner and staff.

Cool stuff we developed includes:

  • A comprehensive web-scraping tool to extract the information about virtually every aircraft for sale, anywhere in the world.
  • A tool to automatically classify all the ads using a Bayesian algorithm with about 99.5% accuracy.
  • The world's largest single database of aircraft for sale.
  • Then-revolutionary AJAX interfaces for search.