Benjamin Smith, Managing Partner
Welcome to My Life!

It would be difficult to express how fortunate I feel to live the life I have. Words simply can't express my gratitude for the many experiences I have enjoyed and learned from.

Some were joyous, some were difficult, some were painful. So many more were exhilarating and at times, life changing.

My interests include

  • Family - I have raised six children, and have many nieces and nephews.
  • Aviation - I am a private pilot.
  • Music - I have played numerous instruments and sang in several choirs. My current passion is piano.
  • Cycling - what better way to support good health while enjoying the beautiful countryside I call home?
  • Motorcycles - I learned to drive a motorcycle before I learned to drive a car. I have many beautiful memories of driving through the orchards that surrounded my childhood home on a little Honda 250.
  • Technology - Beyond computer science, my passions include all fields of engineering, astrophysics, and environmental science, especially large-scale ecological restoration.
  • Meditation - Developing a deeper consciousness through rigorous self examination.
  • Education - Both as an industry and for myself.
  • Communication - Non-Violent Communication aka Compassional Communication.